Best Hair on a Media Personality

Tracy McCool, WJW-TV, Channel 8

Oh, what a coif Ms. Mc-Very-Cool has. Those blond tresses fall across her forehead in a way that is, in a word, heavenly. We love the way she keeps her 'do trimmed slightly shorter in the front, but lets it flip up over her shoulders in the back. If that was a man's haircut, it'd be a mullet, but we'd never use such a base word to describe her gentle golden mane. Her blond highlights are the, ahem, highlight of every Clevelander's morning. Is there any better way to prepare for another Monday than to watch her on Fox 8 in the Morning, sitting next to Wayne Dawson and bantering wryly about the traffic on I-480? We think not . . . But it would all fall flat, without those bouncy tresses.