Best Hair Salon

Rometrics One

In the world of hairstyling, practice makes perfect. After 17 years in the business of expertly cutting, dyeing, and shaping the coifs of everyone from tots to great-grandmas, Rometrics One is darn near perfect. Together with eight other stylists, Rita blends just the right shade of hair color, Pearl coaxes curls into a client's ramrod-straight hair, and Anna listens intently as her client describes the new haircut he wants. The salon's styling know-how is rivaled only by the friendliness (and efficiency) of Sue, the always-put-together, always-smiling, motherly receptionist. While the skill and hospitality levels are high, the salon's mood is low-key. According to owner Michael Ritner, the down-to-earth atmosphere results in very little employee turnover. This means that you can go ahead and book your perm two months in advance with Rita, because she'll still be there. And, thankfully, so will Sue.

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