Best Hangover Prevention

Dianna's Deli and Restaurant

With a designer coffee shop on every corner, the traditional diner has been rendered a thing of the past. Fortunately, this storied institution lives on at Dianna's, the perfect 24-hour joint for the hammered guy on the go. The menu, roughly the size of the Akron phone book, features the best of American comfort food, from cheeseburgers to chicken, Caesar salad to eggs over easy. And it's all delivered ridiculously fast by old-fashioned waitresses. Bonus round: The place is populated by a nice selection of freaks, queens, working stiffs, and schmucks, offering quality people-watching for your viewing pleasure. Okay, so Dianna's may not be a monument to five-star dining. But whaddaya want? You're hammered. By morning, you won't even remember being here.