Best Happy Ending

Rockefeller Barber Shop

Rockefeller Barber Shop does not answer to "salon." Its magazine rack keeps Playboy, Clubman products abound, and haircuts sell for $12.

But the two house barbers, Craig and Nick, do not have boobs, which men enjoy orbiting their heads while they're under the smock. (Guys may not acknowledge it, but they'll pay twice the money to have an attractive woman cut their hair.) Lacking competitive breasts, Craig and Nick complete the basic haircut with a refreshing flourish. When the scissors work is done, they massage the scalp with a splash of Osage Rub, a green liquid that the manufacturer advises users to "apply briskly for that all-over tingly feeling." Next, newly shorn heads are wrapped in towels kept warm in a cheap Crock-Pot. The effect is a quick, menthol-flavored, stress-pummeling steam (boobs not included).