Best Haunted House

Haunted Laboratory

Other haunted houses run screaming from this time-honored Akron classic. Ever since the doors opened in 1981, visitors have been treated to tricks they've never seen before. Admission is only $11, and the frights begin the moment you step onto a series of metal catwalks hanging precariously over a four-story wind tunnel. A giant Tesla coil spits bolts of electricity at your feet as the ambient sounds of murder blast from hidden speakers. Ghouls such as Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the car from Christine can be found around every corner. And a spinning tube near the end leaves people puking in the parking lot. Lines are always long and noisy, but move quickly - usually past local-TV legends Big Chuck and Little John, who sign autographs for fans. And for a few bucks more, people can wander next door to the Haunted Schoolhouse for another three floors of nightmares. It's also a good place for a first date - she'll be clinging to you within 30 seconds.