Best Homecoming

Joe Jurevicius

One of three Browns free agents from around here, Jurevicius comes armed with the best backstory. A Lake Catholic grad, Jurevicius won fans over in 2003 when he grabbed four balls for 78 yards in his Buccaneers' Super Bowl win over the Raiders -- and then rushed home to be with his son, who was dying of a rare cell disease. (The boy passed away a month later.) Though Jurevicius has been a journeyman, bouncing through three organizations before landing in Cleveland, he's managed to make it to the Super Bowl at least once with each team. Never a star, always a contributor, Jurevicius racked up 700 yards for the NFC champion Seahawks last year while establishing himself as a dependable teammate and a plain old nice guy. And he's pledged to help develop the Browns' younger receivers. If you see him out, buy him a beer.