Best Homemade Chocolate

Sweet Designs Chocolatiers

Sweet Designs has more tasty treats than Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. In a little house behind the store, the people of Sweet Designs make over 100 different varieties of dark, milk, and white chocolate candies. The chocolate peanut-butter cup makes Reese's seem like sugared sandpaper, and the chocolate caramel square is made with caramel so soft, it squirts out when you bite down. But Sweet Designs also offers more exotic fare. Its glazed apricot, half-dipped in dark chocolate, is the most dramatic-looking sweet around. And the bonbon made with Grand Marnier hits the tongue with feather-light chocolate and leaves behind the sultry taste of orange liqueur. The treats aren't cheap, from $12.95 a pound for simple nonpareils to $22 per pound for raspberry bonbons. But even a $6 sampler box is a golden ticket to chocolate heaven.