Best Hookah Bar

City & East

Cleveland's hookah bar scene can be tough to penetrate for the general party crowd. The best known, Kan Zaman, often closes its doors for "private parties" (translation: This isn't a gyro stand for stumbling Irish boys). But City & East, located in the upstairs of Coventry's legendary Centrum Theater, lies somewhere at the intersection of popped collar and patchouli. It isn't uncommon to witness spontaneous outbursts of break dancing near the bar, while the dimly lit lounge area is all about the mellow vibes. Sink into a cozy couch and order from the bar's vast menu of tobacco flavors -- from kiwi to piña colada, lemon to honey. It's perfect for puttin' the make-out moves on the one you've been falling over all night. Or just smoke it up and chill. Either way, you'll feel welcome, and you'll feel gooood . . .
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