Best Horror Convention

Cinema Wasteland

In Cleveland, you can't be a true fan of low-budget horror until you've visited Cinema Wasteland. Every September, this convention invades the Strongsville Holiday Inn, filling the main ballroom with a trove of genre collectibles and bootleg copies of out-of-print movies. Searching for season two of Twin Peaks or that awful Star Wars Christmas Special? Look no further! The convention also reunites the casts of classic films for panels and autographs. For its sixth anniversary this year, it brought out the cast and crew from Dawn of the Dead and The Devil's Rejects, including Tom Savini - the godfather of B-movie makeup and special effects. For aspiring directors, Cinema Wasteland is the best place in town to network with straight-to-video distributors and low-budget producers. Dress is semicasual S&M. Admission is $15 for a day pass and $45 for the weekend.