Best Ice Cream With a View

Honey Hut Ice Cream Shoppe at Huntington Beach

Wanna know why we look about 40 pounds heavier in the summer? It's because of Honey Hut. Actually, it's the Honey Hut at Huntington Beach's fault. See, during warm-weather months, we frequently head to this tiny ice-cream stand tucked away in the Cleveland Metroparks' Bay Village site, order a single (which includes two heaping scoops; go figure) and park our ever-growing ass on one of the benches overlooking Lake Erie. It's a wonderfully serene scene. The crashing of the waves. The cries of the gulls. The sun setting on the horizon. The yummy taste of honey pecan, chocolate peanut butter or (our favorite) orange blossom ice cream. But you'll have to wait 'til next spring to savor your own special Honey Hut moment, since the stand closes in mid-September — which coincidentally is right about the time our pants start to feel a little looser around the waistline. (28624 Lake Rd., Bay Village, 440.871.7699, — Gallucci