Best Ice Cream

Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream

Whenever we think of Mike and Pete Mitchell's extraordinary homemade ice cream, we experience our own little Homer Moment. You know, when your tongue lolls out of your mouth, your eyes roll back in your head, and drool starts drizzling down your chin? "Arrgghh . . . ice cream," we gurgle, in a spasm of unabashed lust. Yes, this rich, buttery product is that good, made in small batches with ingredients like Madagascar vanilla, Holland cocoa, and fresh berries from the Pacific Northwest. Flavors include delicate strawberry, a robust coffee, and the popular double-chocolate chunk, with big mouthfuls of soft candy -- almost like chocolate truffles -- embedded in each bite. Mitchell's ice cream is served in some of the city's best restaurants, as well as at its own chic, contemporary ice-cream parlor. In the words of the immortal Homer: "Whoo-hoo! Let's go!"