Best Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work

(Tie) The Rockometer and Got City Game

Christopher Axelrod's vision begins with a rockometer — "a retro measuring devise or pulse meter, which indicates the 'spirit' or civic 'heartbeat' of the City of Cleveland." A little strange, but clear enough, right? Here's the catch: The Rockometer in Axelrod's dreams is a massive meeting center/performance venue/tourist destination next to the Rock Hall, on the site now occupied by the Coast Guard. Crazy? Yes. But no more so than the "medical mart" boondoggle — and a hell of a lot more fun. And we can't help but admire Axelrod's doggedness in a town where bid-rigging is what passes for imagination among political and business leaders. We are similarly baffled and intrigued by the Got City Game, a web-based reality show that will have the twentysomething cast running around downtown, competing in "hilarious challenges." The prize for the winner is a rent-free year in Tremont Place Loft and loads of tickets to events, but the larger goal is to interest young adults in living downtown. Think Real World meets Amazing Race, with fewer slap-fights and missed flights. There's some irony in combating brain drain with a reality show, but kids today love irony, right? (; — Lewis