Best Improv

Bassa Vita Lounge

West 117th was never known for laughs, but since Bassa Vita Lounge became the testing ground for local improv acts, things have changed. Now the small basement bar below Bottom's Up crawls with Cleveland's funniest people every Tuesday night - most of them expats from the failed Second City Cleveland. Tuesdays at 9 is the aptly named weekly showcase, a mix of well-worn improv yucksters and off-the-street amateurs. Think Whose Line Is It Anyway? starring the guy who works in the cubicle next to you. Since anyone can join in, the show is at times shaky, but always edgy. Suggestions from the inebriated audience usually include more references to "poop" and "farts" than your old Mad Libs books. If you don't laugh out loud by the end of the first set, seek treatment for humorlessness.