Best Indie Band

The Flat Can Co.

These days, "indie rock" usually refers to skinny New York wannabes farting out fey pop music. But back in the day, American indie rockers -- Butthole Surfers, Cows, the L.A.P.D. Riot Midgets, and the rest -- actually rocked. With screaming fuzz and sloppy-ass grooves, the Flat Can Co. has plopped indie rock back into the swirling toilet from which it came. The band is led by guitarist Miss Melvis, a true old-school freak-a-zoid. Not only does the six-foot mama shred like a mutant nuclear fusion of Greg Ginn and Munehiro Narita; she strips down to bra and panties while tooting toy horns. This quartet has released two discs to date, but check out the live show too, and get a taste of what indie used to mean.