Best Inner-Ring Waterfall

The Great Falls of Tinkers Creek

The water roars and the sky purples with twilight as you stroll toward the town-square snack shop to indulge in butter-pecan cones amid century-old buildings near a filigreed gazebo. Think we're talkin' Chagrin Falls? Think again -- and save some gas by heading to downtown Bedford, home of the Great Falls of Tinkers Creek. The 15-foot-high waterfall runs up to 80 feet across after a good spring rain; back in the day, it powered a sawmill and an electric plant. Today, it provides heart-stopping beauty for onlookers. After you've had your fill, head to Bedford's public square, with its wrought-iron gazebo, to take in the historic buildings. And don't forget to stop at Arabica across the street -- especially if you love butter pecan.