Best Japanese

Pacific East

We, like a sizeable portion of the Greater Cleveland community, adore this Coventry mainstay for its sushi. But when we want to expand our horizons a bit from raw and rolled fish, we know we have access to a whole host of Japanese-inspired options. There are the wisp-like tempura-fried treats, from asparagus to zucchini, with stops along the way for scallop, shitake and shrimp. Sublime cooked fish dishes like the broiled hamachi-kama, the rich and fatty collar of yellowtail, and the popular ika maru, a whole grilled squid sliced into meaty rings and topped with sweet sauce, are always a treat. For an all-in-one-meal with international flair, we can’t resist the donburi, Japanese rice bowls crowned with everything from broiled eel to pork cutlets. If you’re stuck in a California Roll rut, give a new dish a whirl.

1763 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Hts., 216-320-2302,