Best Karaoke Bar

Flying Monkey

Take your pipes from the privacy of your car or shower into public — no one cares how bad you sound anyway. Half the fun of karaoke is knowing how badly you're going to do justice to the latest Lady Gaga track or Free Bird or some obscure cut from the '70s that will leave the room in bewildered silence and confusion. We're all in this together. Readers love the weekly Sunday karaoke night at the Flying Monkey in Tremont. It's a friendly atmosphere, the song list is deep and eclectic, and once you're properly liquored up with liquid bravery, it's the perfect stage for your amateur crooning. Stop by and you will probably catch some local luminaries belting out the hits, including Sunny Ting, chef and co-owner of Ty Fun next door. (He likes Broadway tunes, just so you know.)

819 Jefferson Ave., 216-681-6659,

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