Best Korean

Korea House

Let’s face it: Korean food is some of the most intimidating stuff around, what with all those little plates of banchan, various raw, pickled or fermented veggies, tofu and fish, and the indecipherable menu. And that’s just the start! But the good folks at Korea House get that, and they go out of their way to share their enthusiasm for the cuisine, an enthusiasm that is both merited and contagious. Korean barbecue, a tabletop cook-up great for groups, turns weeknight dinners into glorious fun. Kalbi or bulgogi, sliced beef short ribs or marinated beef ribeye, get tucked into lettuce leaves, topped with red chili pepper paste, and devoured with glee. Korean soups and stews are the most flavorful foods around, spicy, loaded with meat, tofu or fish, and also great for sharing. Of course, there’s always the bibimbop, a “beginner’s” dish of steamed rice, shredded veggies, ground beef and an egg, served in a hot crock. Whichever way you go, you won’t be disappointed.

3700 Superior Ave., 216-431-0462.