Best Korean

Seoul Garden

Readers' Choice

Adventure is the name of the game at Seoul Garden, the region's best Korean restaurant (despite less-than-glamorous digs) for nearly a decade. At this Parma institution, small groups huddle around bubbling pots of "jungol," hearty stews that run the gamut from spicy seafood to "Army Base," so named for the inclusion of American Spam. Other tables feature tabletop griddles for cooking up Korean barbecue items like thin-sliced pork belly and beef brisket, which are wrapped in lettuce leaves, topped with red chili pepper paste and kimchi, and eaten out of hand. For the uninitiated, bibimbop is a great place to start. Served in a hot stone bowl, this mix of steamed rice, shredded veggies, ground beef and egg is Korean comfort food.

5270 Pearl Rd., Parma, 216-661-5990.