Best Late-Night Hangout

Laundry 101

Get drunk and wash your clothes at the same time at this crossroads of chores and entertainment, a bar/coffee shop/laundry that's open until 1 a.m. Co-owner Justin Clemens, 28, came up with the concept six years ago while planning to expand Video 101, his video delivery service that serves the college crowd. The light bulb went on when he was visiting the University of Kentucky, drinking beer at a BW3's whose doors swung into an adjacent Laundromat. The Bowling Green advertising graduate even put his degree to use by coming up with an ad campaign in the college paper that's "really just rude," with slogans like "Just because we serve you doesn't mean we like you," "You threw up on yourself. Let us help you," and "Stop doing that. You could go blind. And wash that towel." Like most laundries, their biggest day is Sunday, but they don't do too badly on Friday nights.1683 East Main Street, Kent;