Best Latin Restaurant

Barroco Grill

Readers' Choice

As Cleveland approaches Peak Taco, arepas are steadily gaining in popularity. We have Barroco Grill, an immensely fun Colombian restaurant in Lakewood's Birdtown district, to thank for that. A distant relative to the taco, Barroco's arepas are substantially thick, corn-based tortilla pockets that become tasty vehicles for a variety of meat (our pick is chorizo) and cheese fillings. The fun part is customizing those corny sammies with any of the half dozen signature sauces (chimichurri!). With a bar serving strong mojitos, walls covered in graffiti and Latin American art, and frequent live music on the indoor-outdoor patio, Barroco is a one-stop-shop kind of a place for a steamy night on the town.

12906 Madison Ave., Lakewood, 216-221-8127,