Best Laugh on the Radio

Rebecca Wilde, WQAL-FM 104

Nothing is funny when you're stuck in morning traffic on the I-480/I-77 interchange, but Rebecca Wilde's laugh is infectious. In her career, she must have quelled hundreds of road-rage incidents. Wilde is the wily co-host of the morning show on Q104, where she also serves as music director. She's the polar opposite of XTM's Rover or MJI's Lanigan; you can almost hear her cringing when her male counterparts start getting vulgar. Best of all, her gravelly voice is punctuated by that occasional laugh, which you might find annoying before you realize how hot it is. It's sarcastic. It's empathetic. It's too perfect to be described. This is the laugh of the girl you met during summer break, before your senior year in high school -- the one you never tell your wife about.