Best Laundromat

Northshore Laundry

If you can't clean your duds in the comfort and cleanliness of your own home (or Mom's), Northshore Laundromat is the next-best place. The shop's sparkling clean washers and dryers, sunny lighting and houseplants, color TV and magazines (immaculate bathroom, too) create a pleasant, homey feel. There's even a recycling bin for empty plastic soap jugs. Unsure about how much soap to put in the triple loader? Someone's there to help in seconds. Owner Debi VanDrei or one of her three hardworking employees -- Rosie (her mom), Jennifer (her sister-in-law), and Kathy (a close family friend) -- is always on duty. If you're pressed for time, drop off your laundry. Debi or Rosie will wash, dry, and fold it with tender loving care (95 cents per pound). VanDrei says she only hires family and friends, because she knows they'll take pride in her business. It shows.