Best Lebron Coverage

Zac Jackson, Fox Sports Ohio

Staff Pick

As much as you might say that you're tired of hearing about LeBron, the numbers tell a different story. You, or someone very much like you, can't stop reading about all things LeBron. Which is fine. He's the King! We love the guy. And besides the on-the-court stuff, we want to know about his movies, his charities, his family, his friends, his hairline, and his political beliefs. Where oh where to find such unique information? Yes, everyone covers the King, but no one covers it with as much fun and knowledge as FSO's Zac Jackson, who not only is the master of all things LeBron but also boasts an uncanny historic sense of Akron, which means he can connect the dots and put LeBron in proper perspective for you while all the other reporters are busy transcribing the King's press conferences in a flurry of useless tweets.,