Best Live-Band Karaoke

The Billy Morris Band

Billy Morris has played guitar for Warrant and Quiet Riot, but now he's training the spotlight on you. If you want to sing karaoke backed by a live band, the Billy Morris Band is the only game in town. The rock vets are prepared to play more than 50 rock and metal warhorses, but they can quickly figure out the tabs for almost anything. If you can tough out an entire evening - some singers are a little more, um, vocally graceful than others - you'll hear shower singers mangle everything from Judas Priest's "Breaking the Law" to Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." And don't be shy about fronting for a pro; Morris is more like a cool older brother than a cocky rock star. "You meet a lot of cool people," he says. "I truly have made some very good friends from them walking onstage with me."