Best Local Comedian

Mike Polk Jr.

Mike Polk Jr., the man behind the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video, the Factory of Sadness video (parts one and two), Last Call Cleveland comedy troupe and his very own show on Fox 8 (aptly called the Mike Polk Jr. Show) has done it again. He's your favorite local comedian by a wide margin. Polk says he's stayed in Cleveland because no one has invited him elsewhere (which isn't really true), but he's a wit with a true knowledge and empathy for the region. Polk, a Kent State alum, performs regularly around town and never fails to chime in on the issues of the day with relevant, humorous commentary. Not only do fans love Polk, but his fellow comedians do too. He's a consummate cheerleader for the craft and always around to offer advice to youngsters just starting out on the stage. Seriously, he's always around. Just go to his house and knock on his door. He'll be glad you stopped by, or at least too polite to show you otherwise.


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