Best Local Indie Vixen

Liza Foster, Bigfoot: The Film

Last July, filmmaker Bob Gray premiered his new horror flick, Bigfoot, to a crowd of over 2,000 at the Mentor Lagoons Nature Reserve. The movie's action and expensive Bigfoot costume raised the bar for local productions, but more important, it introduced us to Liza Foster. This sultry blond ingenue with a tomboy rasp could well be Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. A summa cum laude graduate of the theater program at Cleveland State, Foster finds steady work as a local print and runway model, when she's not acting in local productions. Gray noticed the rising star after Foster stole a small scene in Bet Your Life, a made-for-TV action movie shot in Cleveland in 2003. Playing a suspicious park ranger in Bigfoot, Foster commands the screen and leaves her community-theater co-stars in the dust . . . to be eaten by a savage beast pissed off at pollution and suburban sprawl. Her kick-ass 'tude in the role of Sandy during the film's climactic gravel-pit showdown is reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver's return to the Queen's lair in Aliens. Gray knows that monster movies are nothing without a blond bombshell, and in Bigfoot, Foster manages to give even the legendary Fay Wray a run for her money. Here's hoping she'll have a bigger part in the sequel, filming around town this summer. Note to Bob Gray: shower scene.