Best Local Music Website provides all the fun of Cleveland's underground rock scene without the sweat and spilled beer. The site's biggest attraction is its message board - appropriately titled the Bathroom Wall - where you can trade insults with contemporary rockers (Amps II Eleven, Dropgun) and old-school punk legends (Pink Holes, Defnics), all while getting hip to this city's vibrant rock underground. There's also an extensive bands page chronicling acts from the past to present, from the Ragged Bags to the Vacancies, complete with bios and stories of infamous gigs. Wanna reminisce about seeing the Baloney Heads in 1980? This is the place to go. Toss in a healthy selection of mp3s from the Crummy Fags, the Burning Lesbians, and others, plus tons of old gig fliers for the likes of the Hurricanes and the Kneecappers, and this site is the ultimate archive for Cleveland punk.