Best Local Radio Personality

The team of "Trapper Jack" Elliot/Robin Benzle (WDOK-FM 102.1)

Clean and wholesome without joining the ranks of the Mouseketeers, "Trapper Jack" Elliot and Robin Benzle jolt early risers out of bed for Cleveland's most popular morning radio show for women ages 25-54. A California native, Trapper Jack brought his relaxed conversational style to Cleveland's airwaves in 1987 at the old WLTF. Six years ago, he skipped down the dial and asked chef-turned-comedienne Benzle to spice up the show, her tongue-in-cheek wit woven into recipes for Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast, Green Slime Soup ("Don't tell the kids it's broccoli and almond"), and Chicken Fritatasomalisopotis. Today, the team goes together better than strawberries in vinegar (another Benzle creation).