Best Local Reality-Show Contestant (Female)

Jen Schefft, The Bachelorette

This former Mentor High cheerleader/Ohio University sorority princess wouldn't settle for a mere 15 minutes of fame. After flirting her way into an engagement on the third season of The Bachelor, the flaxen-haired beauty ditched millionaire Andrew Firestone like an old tire. Appropriately, the split was announced on the celeb-obsessed TV show Extra, where Schefft said that the media spotlight had put pressure on the relationship. She then accepted an invitation to star in The Bachelorette, where she could handpick a more suitable suitor. Us Weekly voted Schefft "The Hottest TV Comeback of 2004" before shooting even began. Then in February, Schefft stunned reality-TV purists by rejecting both Jerry "L.A.-art-gallery-director" Ferris and John Paul "Oklahoma-entrepreneur" Merritt in the final episode. After the taping, she moved to Chicago, where she works as an A-list event planner. But she still makes it home on holidays to visit family in Mentor. Her moxie and marketing skills are sure to get her back on reality TV sometime soon, but let's hope it's for Surreal Life and not Celebrity Fit Club.