Best-Looking Athlete

Ricky Davis

Once, after yet another Cavs loss, then-coach John Lucas criticized the team's toughness. "We're the type of team that wants to wear Armani; we need to wear dungarees," he said. At the time Luc said those words, Ricky Davis was actually slipping into something Gucci, but the point was made. Davis can be maddening, as evidenced by the time he bricked a layup against the other team's goal, simply to claim the rebound necessary for a triple double. Yet at the end of the night, he always looked fine, whether in a designer suit or throwback Harlem Globetrotter warm-ups. Ricky's pronounced eyebrows and beard lend a distinguished air to an otherwise modern b-baller look. The welcome trashing of the Cavs' powder-blue uniforms should only aid the cause of handsomeness.