Best Lunchtime Beer in East Cleveland

Columbo Room

Staff Pick

Do you ever find yourself in East Cleveland for the day and in need of a simple beer? Most people do, in fact. And Columbo Room on Noble Road is the place to go to gratify such a desire. It's a long-running institution in the inner-ring suburb, complete with laid-back vibe and the friendly sort of employees that make bars like this the true gems they are. Order a corned beef sandwich to pair with that bottle of Bud, and lean back into a satisfying respite from the inner-ring bustle just outside those doors. There are diamonds tucked into the rough of Northeast Ohio's urban density, well off any map you'll find at the local tourist bureau, and those are often the best places to while away the day before the boss starts calling you.

1988 Noble Rd., East Cleveland 216-761-3569.