Best Luxury Condos

The Pinnacle

Standing in sharp contrast to the old brick warehouses that surround it, the Pinnacle's blue glass and sexy curves make it feel like a wave rising triumphantly from the ocean. But it's the building's interior that separates it from other luxury properties. Each unit is customized to the exact specifications of its owners, from the location of the staircases to the shape and size of the bedrooms. And with a resident list that includes R&B star Usher, "no can do" is never an option. "I got movie theaters, waterfalls, you name it -- I got it all," says Jon Mavrakis, assistant to developer Gus Georgalis. One penthouse has an Italian-marble Jacuzzi and shower, a walk-in closet with room for 700 suits, and enough plasma-screen TVs to stock a Best Buy. It doesn't, unfortunately, come stocked with the million-plus dollars you need to buy it. But dreams are free.