Best Manipulator

Dr. Mark Zannetti at R.J. Siegenthaler D.C., Inc.

If you're bent like a bad paper clip and in pain because your back went south, get thy lumbar region over to R.J. Siegenthaler, where sole practitioner Mark Zannetti has plied his trade since 1983. No appointments are necessary (ideal for those in pain now), since there are three treatment rooms -- each equipped with an automated massage table and a Hi-Lo treatment table that pivots from vertical to horizontal, so you don't have to crawl on or off the damn thing. There's always an assistant, Ken or Mike, who gently assists the patient. And Dr. Zannetti (aside from being easy on the eyes) is marvelously adept at using the "old-fashioned" Palmer Method of chiropractic to bring blessed spinal relief.