Best Manscaping

Reagle Beagle

It's pretty hard to feel manly while getting the hair waxed off your back. But the Reagle Beagle salon does its best to let you maintain as much dignity as possible. The Beagle is a male-only salon, which means the clientele is all guys and the staff is all hot babes. SportsCenter is always on the tube, and all cuts come with complimentary keg-beer. It's almost as if the place were designed by the editors of Maxim -- which, by the way, you can read while getting your neck waxed or your hands groomed and scrubbed with sea salt. But if you prefer to stay furry, you can still pamper yourself with the famous Reagle Beagle "House Cut" -- a haircut that comes with a hot-stone neck-and-face massage. 17617 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-228-9677