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"I'm from Cleveland," Drastic spits on his latest mixtape, Cleveland's Hope, "where ain't nobody had a major deal or a chance to advance since Bones sold 30 mil." And if anybody can change that, it's this lanky MC with a delivery as silky as it is severe. Having made his name as one of Cleveland's most ferocious battle-rappers, the two-time Spitboxing champion has graduated from the freestyle circuit to become a formidable recording artist. Paired with rising Cleveland DJ Joey Fingaz, Drastic comes into his own on Cleveland's Hope. On the disc, Drastic rhymes like the fleet-tongued Fabolous, only much harder, demonstrating that he can craft songs and construct hooks in addition to dropping rhymes with enough heat to boil water. Currently angling for a record deal, Drastic remains Cleveland's hottest unsigned hype.

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