Best Meal Deal

Das Schnitzel Haus

We've all been there: too tired to cook, too apathetic to get dressed up. But before you head to one of those faux "neighborhood" chain restaurants, consider Das Schnitzel Haus. Laid-back, inexpensive, and kid-friendly, this little eatery is a celebration of value, where a family of four can dine for around $35, provided at least two of them order off the children's menu. For the grown-ups, big portions of homey Eastern European fare like bratwurst, goulash, and the namesake wienerschnitzel not only taste good, but are ample enough to ensure some next-day leftovers. And the full bar offers Warsteiner and Beck's on tap, as well as a small collection of imported and domestic bottled beers. No, it ain't the Ritz, but it is authentic, inexpensive, and a heck of a good deal.

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