Best Morning TV Newscast

Good Morning Cleveland, WEWS-TV, Channel 5

Waking at two in the morning to go to work has to be tough enough, but smiling about it is unimaginable. The crew at NewsChannel5's Good Morning Cleveland not only flash their pearly whites at unbearable hours, they make it look sincere. Morning man Adam Shapiro took home a local Emmy this year, certifying him as Best News Anchor. Even better, he's stopped making constant references to his high-carb obsession, gravy fries. Equally valuable behind the desk is Danita Harris, who occasionally makes a foray into national waters, appearing on The View or interviewing Oprah Winfrey. Newcomer Alicia Scicolone has performed admirably this year, taking on the thankless job of standing outside to testify how cold and wet the morning is. And with all due respect to cheery meteorologist Stephanie Roberts and noon anchor Alicia Booth, the program's unsung hero is Linda Dawson. The team's roads-and-traffic maven, Dawson doesn't even get her own page on the show's website, but she has some of the city's best diction. It all adds up to a good morning indeed.