Best Movie Theater

Cedar Lee

The Cedar Lee, a Cleveland Cinemas indie theater on the east side, wins this award every year. There's gotta be a reason. It really is the only venue in town to show indie, foreign and limited-release titles. Valley View and Crocker have undeniably superior screens, and AMC has upped its game with the big comfy seats, but the programming at Cleveland Cinemas gives it the legup. (The Capitol would likely be a more viable competitor if it had more than three screens.)  Wth Cedar Lee, you can count on a continually surprising line-up with challenging foreign fare, documentaries, and occasional wider release films that appeal to the art-house crowd. The late-shift cult classics series they share with the Capitol is another point of recommendation. Situated on the corner of Cedar and Lee in Cleveland Heights, there's an ample roster of bars and restaurants nearby to enhance your movie night as well.

2163 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, 440-349-3306,

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