Best Museum You Probably Haven't Been To

National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame

Polka was more than just that ridiculously upbeat music your grandparents danced to. It was a marker of an era in Cleveland history, culture and lifestyle. Cleveland-style polka emerged 100 years ago from the Slovenian immigrant community and the folk music they brought from the old country. While the stars of its '40s-'50s heydey have mostly passed on, the artifacts and photos beautifully displayed in spacious rooms in the former Euclid City Hall evoke the spirited performances of Frankie Yankovic, Johnny Vadnal, Johnny Pecon and others, as well as the work, recreational and religious life of the Cleveland neighborhoods they were part of. The gift shop offers a large selection of recordings by past and present polka masters, as well as books and souvenirs. And it's free, so you have no excuse for not stopping by. (605 E. 222nd St., 216.261.3263, — Pantsios