Best Music Blog Besides Ours

Addicted to Vinyl

This Lakewood-based music blog is worth visiting multiple times daily for multimedia diversions and local and national music news. Site founder Matt Wardlaw has long been a fixture in town — formerly as host of WMMS' The Metal Show, more recently as a DJ at 92.3 FM. Despite his metal past, Wardlaw is a musical omnivore. He and a growing number of contributors expound on pet passions and debate topics from Bruce Springsteen's Human Touch album to Brit-folk singer Frank Turner to Chicago bootlegs from the '70s. Every week,the Cage Match poll pits artists like Kenny Loggins against Cinderella and Heart against Cheap Trick. Each Monday, ATV posts a downloadable mix submitted by a reader. Past themes have included rock nuggets, trip-hop also-rans and radio-related songs. Says Wardlaw, "It's for anybody like me who's a music fiend that breathes, lives, eats and sleeps music 24/7." ( Ferris