Best National Park Make-Out Spot

Virginia Kendall Ledges

When seeking out the proper setting for sucking face, there are a few details that are crucial. One: a gorgeous view of the horizon, preferably a cliff from which to ignore the sunset or sunrise. Two: the availability of hiding spots, such as caves and forests, in case making out just isn't enough. Three: Public macking is always easier if you know some equally randy couples have arrived for the same purpose. Virginia Kendall Ledges boasts all this and more. Tucked away in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Ledges' cliffs tower over a valley of cascading trees that roll into the horizon like a leafy sea. If this breathtaking view doesn't inspire, head below the cliffs, toward the romance of dark caves and an evergreen forest, where privacy and mystery are sure bets. Just don't be surprised if another couple has already commandeered the best hiding spot.