Best New Restaurant


Where was Townhall all our lives? Nowhere close, that's for sure. This breezy, open-concept café seems to have been airlifted from a balmier climate and plopped down in the heart of Ohio City. By now, savvy diners know to visit this trendy eatery during the day or early evening, before the nightlife crowds descend like so many birds from a Hitchcock film, to enjoy peace, quiet and some enjoyable food. The quick-serve café side of the operation is perfect for speedy, healthy meals of fresh-squeezed juices, bountiful salads and more than a few vegan options. Hit the "bar side" for more relaxed dining studded with a killer craft beer selection, a more up-tempo vibe and a drop-dead gorgeous interior. Front and back patios serve as blissful bookends on balmy days, corralling all the fun into one long tunnel of festive dining.

1909 West 25th St., 216-344-9400,

Staff Pick: EDWINS