Best New Restaurant


For such an unassuming concept, Banter sure has attracted its share of buzz. After opening its doors in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood this winter, the bar and restaurant switched from being the most anticipated new eatery to the most talked about one. A lot of that support has to do with the owners, a quartet of food and beverage pros with ties like tentacles that touch almost every facet of the industry. A good portion of that admiration is directed to the design of the space which leans to the minimal, the industrial, the gleefully austere. But really, we love Banter because of the poutine, platters of perfect french fries drowning in rich meat gravy and nubby, melty cheese curds. It is precisely the kind of bar food that is shared over cold beers, earthy wines, and straightforward cocktails, all of which are readily accessible. For neighborhood folks, the grab-and-go beer and wine is a gift that keeps giving.

7320 Detroit Ave., 216-801-0305,