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Wicked Suger Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

Sisters Katie and Kelly Svijovic quit their jobs in 2012 and turned their shared love for jewelry and accessories into reality by opening Wicked Sugar in Strongsville last year. It's been a hit so far. Their offerings toe the line between edgy and sweet (which is where the store's name comes from), and customers have found it easy to glean new looks from the store's seemingly disparate styles. And now is the perfect time to drop in and pick up a fresh cache of colorful pieces for summer (the warm weather is finally here!). The Svijovic sisters will be on hand to match your own styles with their wares. They made a splash in their first year on the scene, and 2014 is all about growth; keep an eye out for their plans to build a more robust online presence and, perhaps, a second store.

10252 West 130th St., 440-628-8022,

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