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There always seems to be somewhere new to go these days — some new joint that has popped up in the latest, trendiest neighborhood. But readers hold a soft spot in their heart for Liquid, which has been a nightlife mecca for 19 years. Brent Lewanski, who also owns Westpark Station, McCarthy's in the Flats and Avenue Taphouse, is more than an entertainer — he's a West Sixth ambassador and has fought to keep the Warehouse District safe and fun for everyone. "West Sixth Street has had its ups and downs," he told us last summer, "but there are so many positive things happening in Cleveland that are based around that area. I think the street represents the city in many ways." We couldn't agree more. Liquid packs 'em in with the hottest DJs and best dance music around, and once the friendly staff is done taking care of you, they take care of their own on Sundays. SIN night is that chance for the city's bartenders and waiters to finally enjoy their weekend, and Liquid's Sunday evening deals give them a chance to enjoy the scenery from the other side of the bar. Stop by for one of the DJ sets, comedy on Mondays, or Taco Thursdays (yes, Taco Thursdays).

1212 West Sixth St., 216-479-7717,

Staff Pick (Nightclub): Liquid

Staff Pick (Industry Night): Lago

Staff Pick (Bar for Dancing): Liquid