Best "Nutty" Artist

Corlette Baylock

If, 18 years ago, someone had told Corlette Baylock that his future was in pistachios, he would have said that person was a little, well, nutty. He never thought that doodling faces on pistachio shells for children would turn into a business -- but it did. The artist and owner of Dots to Nuts, in the Colonial Marketplace, has become known around the world for his pistachio shell creations. He has sold his art to such notables as Dr. Bertice Berry, Jane Fonda and Ted Turner, Wynton Marsalis, and former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley-Braun. One of his most requested pieces is called "Your Life in a Nutshell," a portrait that includes pistachio figures holding signs documenting different times in a person's life.