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Best Politician & Best Do-Gooder

Dennis Kucinich

The clock is ticking on one of Cleveland's most beloved, most polarizing lawmakers. The longtime U.S. Congressmen was recently unseated from the Democratic Party ticket as a result of redistricting that turned his home turf into a toothpick swatch of land dominated by his longtime Toledo colleague-turned-nemesis, Marcy Kaptur. Dennis! has yet to reveal what do-gooder plans he might have in store once he's bumped from his Washington roost. The smart money's on a lot of cable TV face time and other ways to keep his ever-smiling mug front and center.

Staff Picks: Best Politician: Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald; Best Do-Gooder: Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins

Best Troublemaker

Jimmy Dimora

The longtime toast of the county Democratic Party looks more like burnt toast these days. Throughout the corruption trial that shocked and awed us through the early weeks of this year, the blustery and brash Dimora of days gone by was replaced by a clean-shaven, stoic-looking man who declined to speak up for himself when his opportunity came. Already behind bars, Jimmy is left to count down the days to his sentencing, when he can look forward to more years of lockup than he has left on this earth. While we prefer our troublemakers a bit more civic-minded, we're thankful for the sideshow all the same.

Staff Pick: State Senator Nina Turner

Best Radio Show & Best Radio Personality

Alan Cox

Now two years into his afternoon drive show on WMMS, Alan Cox is flanked by his trusty sidekicks Chad Zumock and Erika Lauren, but he continues to be the main draw. From his eye on celebrity buffoonery to his celebration of women's undergarments, Cox spouts all the outrageous crap you were already thinking but were way too shy to say. Is it creepy? Oh sure, but no more so than what's on any other guy's mind. Just be glad they don't all get a microphone.

Weekday afternoons on 100.7-FM WMMS

Staff Picks: Best Radio Show: The Alan Cox Show; Best Radio Personality: Mark Nolan

Best Author

Les Roberts

If this particular category lacks an air of suspense, the winner's novels more than compensate. Long regarded as a literary all-star, Roberts made his bones in Hollywood, of all places — as producer for the original Hollywood Squares and classic comedies from Andy Griffith to The Lucy Show. But it's his series of mysteries revolving around Cleveland everyman Milan Jacovich that have endeared Roberts to the thousands of readers who hang on his every word. With novel names like The Cleveland Creep, Full Cleveland, and We'll Always Have Cleveland, there's no mystery as to where Roberts' heart lies either.

Staff Pick: Dan Chaon