Best of Cleveland 2014

Cleveland is a pretty damn great place to live. You know that in your heart, which is why you've stuck around and made yourself a nice life here, but every once in awhile it's nice to be reminded of that glorious fact. That's the mission of Best of Cleveland, the issue that we turn over to you, the reader. After all, who knows better what makes Cleveland so damn great.

This year, we asked you to help us identify Cleveland's royalty -- the ambitious people, the indispensable places, the bold ventures, the breathtaking developments, the luxurious services, the powerful leaders and the sumptuous feasts. We are all connected in these ventures in some way, and we are all -- each and every one of us -- royalty.

After weeks of voting, you crowned over 190 winners. Actual crowns would be far too expensive to give out, so instead we give you this free magazine, which you can fold up and wear like a crown if you're in the mood. It's worth its weight in gold, either way.

Enjoy, and thank you. We are forever humble and grateful,

Your devoted subjects at Scene.

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