Best Painter

Rust Belt Monster Collective

The Rust Belt Monster Collective is not exactly a collective of monsters. Nor is it technically a single artist. But you voted for them for the second year in a row as the city's best artist/painter! The Collective is a group of six innovative visual artists — Tim Switalski, Randy Crider, Erin Schechtman, Craig Worrell, Ben Hale and Jim Giar — who discovered that they work really well together and now work as a group creating art around town. They also do bi-weekly sketch challenges and host cool events. For the 2012 Ingenuity Festival, the Rust Belt Monster team spent 12 hours painting a mural across 16 Scene distribution boxes which were then placed around the city to promote the festival. It was one of their "Live Art" projects. The whole team gathers and creates murals live with zero planning beforehand: Bam! Improv art.

Staff Pick: Dana Oldfather